I Will Beat You At Mario Kart

And You Will Cry

I Will Beat You At Mario Kart And You Will Cry is a romance in three laps.

Documenting the “bitter” kart-based “rivalry” between Andrew Fulton and Ive Sorocuk, it features cheerleading, sideline taunts and more from Jen Breach, Arran Mckenna, Dean Rankine, Daniel Clough, Jo Waite, Anthony Woodward, AndrĂ©s Denkberg, Nathan Soehardi, David Blumenstein & Scott Hampson.

There is a project tumblr here: ghost-data-could-not-be-saved.tumblr.com

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But looking into the whites of their slightly glazed eyes, it became clear there would be only one winner. Only one had the skill and hunger to tear the other into tiny, broken pieces.
— Jen Breach, from her introduction.

Arran Mckenna Ive Sorocuk Jo Waite Andrew Fulton

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